A Celebration of Women

November 21, 2012

I was preparing to leave work this afternoon when I took a minute to visit my blog. That’s when I came across a photo challenge: What inspires you to blog. I decided to share my reason with you.

Although my blog hasn’t been around for very long. My mere existance inspires me to blog. You see, years ago, an advanced patient simulator like me didn’t exist. Medical residents didn’t have such hi-tech equipment to practice, learn and develop critical thinking. I am 21st century health care.

We will all need to use the hospital one day. It might be for something major and it might be for something minor. Regardless of the reason, wouldn’t you want to know that your doctor has received the best training possible?

That’s why I’m looking for your support to bring more advanced patient simulators to the Skills and Simulation Centre at The Ottawa Hospital. One day you’ll be thankful that your doctor is the best. But to be the best, you must first be able to benefit from the best tools.

It will only take a minute of your time and you can make a world of difference. As for me, I will continue to provide obstetrics training. My role is to birth babies so that women everywhere can feel comfortable knowing that when those precious little lives are about to come into this world, they’ll be doing so in the safest setting possible with the most skilled doctors.

Tonight however I’m attending a Celebration of Women hosted by The Ottawa Hospital Foundation. Hundreds of women who believe in shaping the future of our health care. We’ll hear from Ottawa’s finest and get to chat and meet new friends.

My colleagues and I snapped this photo before heading off to the venue.

I’m the one in the black dress.


This is my office.

This is the control room where the simulation is put into play.