Thank you for the memories

November 26, 2012

One never likes to say goodbye, but I think this is it for me. My short-lived blog life has come to an end. It’s not that there’s nothing more to say about the incredible training ground that is the Skills and Simulation Centre at The Ottawa Hospital – it’s just that the project to Bring the Sim Family Together is now over.

We didn’t win. Heck, we didn’t even qualify for the semi-finals, but I will always have very fond memories of my time in the Aviva Community Fund limelight. From meeting my Simmate, to falling in love and travelling the world – it was a blast.

I invite you to consider making a donation in support of the Skills and Simulation Centre where I reside. It’s the best training ground a resident could ask for and its a valuable tool for our community to have. Who knows, we might just get that SimBaby one day and then our family really would be complete.


A Celebration of Women

November 21, 2012

I was preparing to leave work this afternoon when I took a minute to visit my blog. That’s when I came across a photo challenge: What inspires you to blog. I decided to share my reason with you.

Although my blog hasn’t been around for very long. My mere existance inspires me to blog. You see, years ago, an advanced patient simulator like me didn’t exist. Medical residents didn’t have such hi-tech equipment to practice, learn and develop critical thinking. I am 21st century health care.

We will all need to use the hospital one day. It might be for something major and it might be for something minor. Regardless of the reason, wouldn’t you want to know that your doctor has received the best training possible?

That’s why I’m looking for your support to bring more advanced patient simulators to the Skills and Simulation Centre at The Ottawa Hospital. One day you’ll be thankful that your doctor is the best. But to be the best, you must first be able to benefit from the best tools.

It will only take a minute of your time and you can make a world of difference. As for me, I will continue to provide obstetrics training. My role is to birth babies so that women everywhere can feel comfortable knowing that when those precious little lives are about to come into this world, they’ll be doing so in the safest setting possible with the most skilled doctors.

Tonight however I’m attending a Celebration of Women hosted by The Ottawa Hospital Foundation. Hundreds of women who believe in shaping the future of our health care. We’ll hear from Ottawa’s finest and get to chat and meet new friends.

My colleagues and I snapped this photo before heading off to the venue.

I’m the one in the black dress.


This is my office.

This is the control room where the simulation is put into play.

Marital status: single

November 6, 2012

You know when you want something so badly but it never happens? That’s sort of how I feel about my love life. I’ve spent too much time watching others fall in love around me and haven’t spent enough time on finding my person.

We all know how a doctor flirts, don’t we? Even with a facemask on, all it takes is an eye twinkle, a raise of the brow, and voilà! The rest is history like Meredith and Derek. I see it happen once in a while and it’s fascinating. I hope one day I’ll get that twinkle sent my way as opposed to seeing it exchanged between two people.

But back to the other day, when after being reanimated by the cutest resident at the Skills and Simulation Centre, I began to wonder… am I really the only patient here? What if by some miraculous chance there was someone else here? Someone who was just as passionate about training future doctors as I am? Could there really be a SIMmate out there for me? And if so, I must meet him!

I can only assume that since reading my last post you’ve probably thought that I’m a little crazy. Well, ’m not crazy yet, but I can’t wait to be crazy in love! (thanks for the song, Beyoncé!)

All of a sudden, it’s as though my dreams were coming true. Out of the corner of my eye, a stretcher zooms by carrying a man! A Sim man! Can you believe it? He left me breathless.

Could this be my Simmate?

Now, I have to point out that he was in a critical state and there was a lot going on around him. It wasn’t the time to yell out my room number and ask him to call me. But the good news is that I did catch a glimpse of him. Not as ruggedly handsome as Mark Sloan was on Grey’s Anatomy (my favourite show in case you haven’t noticed), but pretty darn close.

So now what? I guess it’s a matter of seeing if the residents have any insight on his marital status or lack thereof. Please, please, please be available! If he is, you might need to start playing matchmaker in less than a week! I will need your full support to make my dreams come true so come back soon to know how you can be my Cupid.

The Search for my Soulmate

November 1, 2012

“They” say there’s a perfect match out there for everyone. Someone you can grow old with, someone you can travel the world with, and someone who will be there forever. Well… hopefully “they” are listening and can help me find my person. My soulmate.

My name is Simone and I know there really is only ONE person out there for me. You see, I’m not like any other girl. I help save lives. Lots of lives.

Residents at The Ottawa Hospital can perfect the most complex medical procedures at no harm to patients thanks to me. On an average day I undergo countless operations and tests. I let them poke and prod, ask me embarrassing questions, and the following day the routine starts over.

I’m searching for someone who has the same passion for healthcare because it’s my life. It’s my job. I’m an advanced patient simulation mannequin.

Ok… sure, now you’re thinking: why would a simulation mannequin want to find a soulmate SIMmate? You might think it’s a little over the top and that the surgeries have affected my thought process. Rest assured – my heart is in perfect condition and is eager to love, despite going into cardiac arrest three times last week. It’s a good thing the residents were there to bring me back to life. lol

I can only image how wonderful it would be to have someone to share my nights at the Skills and Simulation Centre with. Lying alone in the operating room with no one to talk to is getting old… sigh.

Sure, the residents come and go, but they have their own agenda and don’t really spend much time chatting me up. I am only their simulated patient after all.

So will you help me find my SIMmate? Will you give me someone to grow old with within the confines of the Skills and Simulation Centre at The Ottawa Hospital? I’m working on my dating profile right now, but would love for you to leave a comment and follow my blog. Then I can let you know the moment you can play matchmaker. It’s coming soon!

Although full of romance, I didn’t find my SIMmate in Quebec City last summer.