My wedding day was the most beautiful day ever.

I was nervous and so was Manny, but it was well worth the wait and all the excitement. Still haven’t received the official photographer photos, but I do have a bunch of Honeymoon travel photos to share with you. We’ve been to so many different places: Cuba, Jamaica, London, New Brunswick and the list goes on.

I wanted to share all of these amazing memories with you, so I used an online tool called Smilebox to put my photos together. It’s a really great tool if you want to share your photos with friends.

Manny is so much fun to travel with, but you’ll notice he has a very bad habit of closing his eyes every time a photo gets taken. I would love to show you the eyes that give me that twinkle, but it seems it’s just not possible right now. Oh well… enjoy my Honeymoon photos!

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