Make our love happen

November 13, 2012

In just one week my entire life has taken a 180 degree turn. I went from being a lonely simulation patient looking for her simmate, to falling head over heals for Manny.  That’s right. I’m completely in love.

Here’s how it happened…

I arrived at Darcy McGees in downtown Ottawa at 11am as per Manny’s request. There he was, sitting alone waiting for me to arrive. It was wonderful to finally see him in a public place not surrounded by medical staff in the middle of a critical scenario. This pub downtown was the perfect casual setting for a first date!

We shared stories of the residents who have come through The Ottawa Hospital Skills and Simulation Centre and went on to save lives. It’s so inspiring to think that this happened partly thanks to us. We help save lives. We talked about seeing the world and spending time on a sandy beach, seeing London and Buckingham Palace, and maybe even a trip to Vegas. Then just before the food arrived it happened: he asked me to marry him! Just like that. He said he would never find anyone like me and that he has no doubt I’m the one. So I said YES!

I know it’s soon, but things evolve at lightning speed in the Sim world, so this really is perfect timing. Plus, who wants to wait until three days after the date for the guy to call back? Not this gal!

But there’s a catch to our happily ever after: in order for our relationship to blossom and for us to get married, we need your help. I desperately want to be a bride, but this dream of mine will only come true if Manny and I are the most popular couple on the internet.

You need to vote to make our love happen. You see, our courtship is part of an online challenge called the Aviva Community Fund and I need you to Bring the Sim Family Together.

It’s not a big “ask”, but it’s an important one. It’s one that would provide additional life-saving tools for residents at The Ottawa Hospital, and would also give me the life I so desperately want. I guess you could consider it a blessing of our love. Please take a minute to vote every day for the next two weeks and make our love happen!

We’re seeing each other tomorrow to finalize our wedding details… check back soon to find out where we’re going!

Manny and I at D’Arcy McGees on Sparks Street.


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